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Nick Hornby ha escrito varios libros que se han hecho películas, como "High Fidelity", "About a Boy" y "Fever Pitch". La última novela que publicó es "A long way down" donde se cuenta la historia de cuatro personas que se encuentran en un lugar de suicidios.

"To live outside the law, you must be honest", I said.
" What the fucking hell does that means?" said Jess.
You know, I've never really know what the fuck it means to tell you the truth. Bob Dylan said it, not to me, and I'd always thought it sounded good. But this was the first situation I'd ever been in where I was able to put the idea to the test, and I coud see, didn't work. We were living outside the law and we couldlie through anytime we wanted, and I wasn't sure why we shouldn't.
"Nothing", I said.
"Shut up, then, Yankee boy".
And I did. There were approximately twenty-eight minutes of our time remaining.

JJ, en "A long way down", de Nick Hornby, Riverside Books, Junio 2005, pagina 34.

"He wasn't Ringo, though. he was more like Paul. Maureen was Ringo, except she wasn't very funny. I was George, except I wasn't shy or spiritual. Martin was John, except he wasn't talented or cool. Thinking about it, maybe we were more like another group with four people in it."

Jess, idem., pag. 35.

" I mean, I'm a liberal guy, and I didn't want Bush to bomb Irak, and I like a toke as much as the next guy, but this people still fill my heart with fear and loathing, mostly because I know they wouldn't have liked my band. When we played a college town, and we walked out in front of a crowd like this, I knew we were going to have a hard time. They don't like rel music, these people. They don't like the Ramones or the Temptations or the Mats, they like DJ Bleepy and his stupid fucking bleeps. or else they all pretend that they're fucking gangstas, and listen hip-hop about hos and guns."

JJ, idem, p. 62.

"Shoplifting isn't a murder, is it? Everyone goes through a shoplifting phase, don't they? (...) it comes just after ponies and boy bands, and right before spliff and sex"

Jess, idem, p 197.
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